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Traffic Management Consultations

Traffic Management Consultations have been classified in to 2 categories
  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)
  • Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings (TC&PC)
A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal documented order. Under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, local authorities can implement TROs which allows the Highway Authority (Leicestershire County Council) to:
  • Improve road safety for all users
  • Preserve or improve the character or amenity of an area
  • Prevent serious damage to the highway
  • Reduce and manage congestion
Restrictions that are backed by a TRO:
  • Speed Limits
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Vehicle Bans (height, width, weight)
  • Movement Bans (no u-turns, prohibition of driving)
Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings do not require a TRO but do affect road users and can have an effect on the ability to stop/park on a road.
To look at any current Traffic Management consultations in your area please click on the relevant district in the map below or in the navigation bar
Map of Leicestershire Districts
TRO schemes in:
Blaby Charnwood Harborough
Hinckley & Bosworth Melton NW Leics
Oadby & Wigston    
The progress of all current Traffic Management schemes can be viewed on the Traffic Management Scheme Status page
Further information on Road Improvement Schemes can be found here.
TRO Schemes in Harborough TRO Schemes in Melton TRO Schemes in Charnwood TRO Schemes in North West Leicestershire TRO Schemes in Blaby TRO Schemes in Hinckley & Bosworth TRO Schemes in Oadby & Wigston

Page Last Updated: 7 October 2010