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Routes into Teaching

There are now a number of routes into teaching. The traditional routes are:

A 3 or 4 year full-time course which gives you a degree BA or BSc with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). These courses are run by colleges who offer Initial Teacher Training (ITT). These courses are for both Primary and Secondary teachers depending on the provider. This route is currently funded in the same way as any other degree course. Currently the three local providers are

Local ProviderWebsite Link
De Monfort University www.dmu.ac.uk
Derby Universitywww.derby.ac.uk/ehsl
Bishop Grosseteste, Lincolnwww.bgc.ac.uk/?_id=632

although it is also worth checking with other local providers as well, as prospectus' change each year. This course is suitable if you don't already posses a degree or equivalent.

A 1 year PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) course, carrying with it QTS. You must have a degree, normally in a subject area taught in schools. This is a full-time route and the majority of the year is spent in schools on teaching practice. You can train as a Primary or Secondary teacher on this route. These courses are run by colleges offering ITT. Tuition for a PGCE course is free and also brings with it a grant of £6,000. The local providers are as follows:

Local ProviderWebsite Link
University of Leicester (Primary and Secondary)www.le.ac.uk/education
De Montfort University (Primary and Secondary)


Nottingham Trent University (Primary and Secondary)


Loughborough (Secondary Technology or Science or PE only)http://www.lboro.ac.uk/prospectus/pg/courses/dept/teu/progs/index.htm
Bishop Grosseteste, Lincoln (Primary and Secondary)www.bgc.ac.uk/?_id=632

If these routes are not suitable for you there are now other routes available:

The Employment-based route. This route is the Graduate /Registered Teacher Programme. You can do the programme full-time over 1 year, or part-time. You are employed by a school as an Unqualified Teacher during your training. This route is only available for people aged 24 or over.

School-Centred initial teacher training (SCITT) is a postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT) programme based in and run by schools. All SCITT courses lead to QTS and many, not all, award the Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Schools and colleges of all kinds can be involved so if you would like to train in a primary, secondary or middle school, you may be able to find a school to train in. A Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT has recently been established: please visit www.leics-scitt.co.uk for information.  Another local SCITT is based in Nottingham; for more information please visit www.teachnottingham.co.uk.  

Flexible PGCE with QTS route. This route is offered by a range of ITT providers. It usually involves some distance learning and you build up your teaching experience at a pace which suits your individual circumstances, so you can keep your current job whist you are training. However, you will need to be flexible enough to do block teaching practices at some stage of your training.

All entrants to teacher training must satisfy certain criteria, such as subject knowledge and suitability to the profession. There are booster courses run locally to top up subject knowledge.

In addition there are certain statutory requirement for teacher training that you must have :

All trainee teachers have to have obtained a DEGREE or equivalent. Depending on the route you choose, you can take a course which will give you a degree as part of your training. This route involves a three or four year full time course at a college, leading to BA or BSc with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). If you have a degree you may be able to do a 1 year training to gain QTS, as long as your degree is relevant to the subject you want to specialise in such at the Graduate Teacher Programme or PGCE (described earlier in this e-mail). If you do NOT have a degree and can not do a full-time College-based course, there are increasing opportunities for you to study a degree part-time

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

EM Direct are currently running Teacher Taster Courses
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The Beauchamp College are also running a Teacher Taster Course. You can download the details here (Word doc, 324kb)

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