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School and College Transport

Page updated 01.12.2015

Important Information for Parents Receiving High/Secondary or Upper School Transfer Results.

If your child has been offered a school place this September please read the leaflet by clicking on the link below:
Home to School Transport - a Summary Guide

School/College Transport - What's New?

School/College Transport Charges for 2015/2016

The transport charges for the 2015/2016 academic year are:
  • £546 per annum for Post 16 students eligible for transport assistance.
  • £640 per annum for students eligible for transport assistance to a Voluntary Aided School.
  • £640 per annum for farepaying students attending a primary or seconday school.
You can opt to pay the transport fee in one lump sum or in monthly instalments (up to a maximum of eight). Please note we will not accept any applications where there is an outstanding transport payment for a previous academic year.
Low income exemptions for families who are eligible for free school meals or who are on their maximum level of working tax credit continue to be available for Voluntary Aided and Post 16 transport applicants.
Please note, there are no exemptions from the farepaying transport charge.
Please click here for further information about payment exemptions.
Please click here for information about future school/college transport charges.

School/College Transport Application Forms 2015/2016

The Application form for the 2015/2016 academic year is available on the Home to School Transport Application page here.
  • If you wish to apply for Special Educational Needs Transport for 2015/2016 the application form is available here


Phasing Out of Voluntary Aided Transport Assistance

Assisted transport to denominational (faith) schools is being phased out. This means that no new transport will be provided from September 2015 (other than for low income families who qualify under extended rights legislation or families where the faith school is the nearest school to the home address and over the qualifying distance). Further information is available in the 2015-2016 Mainstream Transport Policy document - please see link below.


Changes to Mainstream Home to School Transport Policy Taking Effect from September 2015

Following 2 public consultations, the Council’s Cabinet approved a revised mainstream home to school transport policy at its meeting on 15th July 2014. This will affect pupils commencing primary school for the first time, those transferring to a secondary school and new Post 16 students from September 2015. Please refer to the links below for further information.
The full Cabinet papers and decision can be clicking here:
Frequently Asked Questions can be found by clicking here:
The full new policy is available here:


Commercially Available Alternatives to the Leicestershire County Council Bus Pass

Before you apply for a Leicestershire County Council (LCC) bus pass we strongly urge you to consider all of the commercially available alternatives. The increase in the cost of the LCC travel pass this year may mean that you would get better value in terms of price and flexibility by purchasing a season ticket from a commercial bus operator or by using a 'School Special' bus route. Information about School Specials is generally available from the school.
Most commercially available season tickets allow you to travel at any time and on any day including weekends. In comparison the LCC bus pass is much more restrictive as it can be only used for one return journey per day to and from school/college and can't be used during holidays or at weekends. Please visit the websites listed below for more information on commercial services in your area and the range of student season tickets and multi-trip tickets that are currently available. Please check these websites regularly for any special offers.
Arriva Student Saver
First Leicester Student Tickets
Centrebus Student Tickets
Beaver Bus
Paul S Winson Coaches
Roberts Travel
Stagecoach in Warwickshire
If you would like more information about which commercial services operate in your area please click on the link below
Traveline East Midlands
There may also be commercially operated 'school specials' operating to your chosen school/college. Please contact your school/college for further information.

School Transport Entitlement Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to visit our school transport policy homepage
Please click here to view the home to school transport 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Children with Special Needs Attending Mainstream Schools

If your child has special educational needs but is attending a mainstream school you will be asked to complete a form which will help the Authority ensure that appropriate transport arrangements are made for your child if they qualify for assisted transport. Reasonable adjustments can be made to mainstream transport such as reducing the distance students need to walk to bus stops or reserving a seat near the entrance of the vehicle.

School/College Transport Guidelines

Please click on the links below to view our mainstream and special needs transport guideline leaflets. All leaflets are in PDF format.
Transport Information for Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs
2015 - 2016 Summary Guide for Parents: Special Educational Needs Transport
Safer Travel Guidelines
Safer Travel - Guidelines for Parents and Students (Mainstream Transport)
Safer Travel Guidelines for Parents (Special Educational Needs Transport)
Safer Travel - Guidelines for Drivers
Safer Travel - Guidelines for School Staff
Severe Weather - Guidance for School Staff
Safer Travel - Anti-Social Behaviour on the School Bus/Taxi
Safer Travel - Bus Passes - Frequently Asked Questions
Safer Travel - Guidelines of Safe Working Practices for the Protection of Children and Staff

School/College Transport - Contact Details.

School Transport Queries or Complaints

If you wish to report a problem with your child's transport or to discuss the type of transport your child has been allocated to, please contact our Customer Service Centre on:
0116 305 0002 or email:
Transport Entitlement Queries Only
Parents who want to know if their child is entitled to school transport should contact the Customer Service Centre on:
0116 305 0002 or email:
Schools making calls about entitlement to school transport should call :
0116 305 0255 or email:
The Transport Assessment email address above is for eligibility enquiries only.
School Placements
Please contact the Schools Admissions and Pupils Service for information and advice about school placements. Please click on the link below to visit our School Admissions homepage.
School Admissions
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Page Last Updated: 24 February 2015