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Progress from the Start

Progress from the Start is a programme which will support you in tracking children's progress and planning for their development in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
There are Eight cards in the pack which offer guidance and a series of proformas for you to download. Each card has a section for leaders and managers, detailing their responsibility at each stage. Childminders may also find these useful to reflect upon and to use to help further develop their provision.
Card 1: Welcome to Progress from the Start  
Card 2: Observational Assessment as Daily Practice
Card 3: Early Assessment Review
Card 4: The Child Monitoring Tool
Card 5: Documenting Children’s Learning
Card 6: Progress Summaries and Sharing Practice
Card 7: Cohort Analysis and Tracking
Card 8: Transitions
Please click on the links below to find the area you wish to use.
Early Assessment Review
ECAT strategies to support assessment
Documenting Children’s Learning
Progress Summaries
Progress Trackers
Frequently Asked Questions

Early Assessment Review

This link gives a prompt for making observations of babies and young children at different developmental stages including; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development at 0 - 36 months through to Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design, from 30 - 60 months.
Early Assessment Review (PDF 36kb)

ECAT strategies to support assessment

National and local ECAT strategies and guidance to help practitioners develop the early language skills of children.  This page also includes the child monitoring tool and action plan, templates and other resources.

Documenting Children’s Learning

Practitioners can use the forms below to record observations of children and track their progress in their learning and development.
EYFS Observation/Evidence Tracker proforma
Individual Observation proforma  Providers may want to remove the words in Italics before using / printing the proforma.
Group Observation proforma
My first day - Charlie
My first day - Sophie
My first week - Liam
My first day / week blank form

Progress Summaries

The links below give you the templates, guidance notes on what should be included and examples to help you complete the progress summaries at birth - 36 months, 36 months plus and the transition to school.  
Birth - 36 months includes EYFS Progress Check at age 2
Birth - 36 months blank
Birth - 36 months guidance
Birth to 36 months example
Progress Check at age 2 example
Progress Check at age 2 blank
36 months +
36 months + blank
36 months + guidance
36 months + Example
36 months + Example
36 months + Example
Transition to school
Transition to school blank
Transition to school guidance
Transition to school Example SEN provision
Other Progress Summaries information
Useful Sentence Starters

Progress Trackers

These templates can be used in conjuntion with the Early Assessment Review information to track progress through a child's time at the setting.  Guidance and support for these data collection templates and grids can be found on Cards 3, Card 6 and Card 7.
Individual Progress Tracker
Tracking Vulnerable Children Template
Tracking Vulnerable Children Grid
Cohort Progress Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get the most of the information in this section we have split it into the following headings;
Child Monitoring Tool (PDF 14kb)
Cohort Analysis and Tracker (PDF 24kb)
Documenting Children's Learning (PDF 14KB)
Early Assessment Review (PDF 14kb)
Progress Sumaries and Sharing Progress (PDF 14kb)

Page Last Updated: 27 October 2016