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Further Information

Shadow Health & Wellbeing Development Workshop (April 2011)

We held a workshop for members of the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board on 19 April. You can access the materials used at this workshop here:

Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (May 2011)

We held a workshop on 23 May to engage with a wide range of stakeholders about the Health and Wellbeing Board. You can access the materials used during this workshop, and what people said at the workshop, here:


The Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board has recently been the subject of a number of national and local conferences.  You can find the presentations that have been delivered here:-
You can also listen to this presentation by clicking on the link below


Leicestershire was a case study in a publication called ‘new partnerships, new opportunities: a resource to assist setting up and running health and wellbeing boards’.  To view the publication click on the link below.
new partnerships, new opportunities: a resource to assist setting up and running health and wellbeing boards
The NHS Confederation has produced a briefing entitled ‘from illness to wellness’ which is targeted at Shadow Health and Wellbeing Boards.  To view the briefing click on the link below.
From Illness to Wellness
INLOGOV and HSMC have produced a briefing called ‘Health and Wellbeing Boards; Developing a Successful Partnership’.  To view the briefing click on the link below
Health and Wellbeing Board briefing
The Local Government Association has produced a briefing entitled Getting the Best out of your Health and Wellbeing Board Health and Wellbeing Board Leadership Development Offer.  To view the briefing click on the link below
The Dementia Strategy  was launched at the Dementia Summit on 8 February.  To view the presentation given at the summit please click on the link below:-
Local Government Association and Partners publish a self assessment/development tool for health and wellbeing boards
King’s Fund Report - Health and wellbeing boards:system leaders or talking shops
Department of Health - Draft Guidance for JSNAs and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies -
The Department of Health draft Care and Support Bill. You can comment on each clause of the Bill and answer questions. Your views will feed directly into the process of parliamentary scrutiny and will be used to assist and challenge the government in considering how to improve the proposals in the draft Bill. You can post comments until 19 October 2012. For further information, go to: ·
Loneliness toolkit for health and wellbeing boards - A digital toolkit has been published to help assess the needs and set out strategic methods of tackling loneliness. The ·toolkit enables health and wellbeing boards to better understand, identify and commission interventions for the issue of loneliness in older age.
NHS Confederation - a briefing to help commissioners understand more about local government and suggest ways of bridging structural and cultural differences to build strong, productive local partnerships.
The Commission on Dignity in Care for Older people have published their final report, setting out their work and recommendations on how to tackle the underlying causes of poor care. The report is based on the knowledge of the commissioners themselves, the many witnesses who gave written and oral evidence, and almost 230 submissions from organisations and individuals in response to our February 2012 consultation document.
NICE public health briefings - for local authorities and their partner organisations in the health and voluntary sectors, in particular those involved with health and wellbeing boards. First in the series published as follows:
PHB 1 Tobacco July 2012
PHB 2 Workplace health July 2012
PHB 3 Physical activity July 2012
Recommendations for better child health results - The Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum has published its proposals on how health-related care for children and young people can be improved. The independent forum, which was asked by the Secretary of State to help develop a new strategy for improving care for children and young people, identified several themes that it says are key to making the improvements needed.
Department of Health - No health without mental health: implementation framework briefing - Following the Government’s 2011 Mental Health Strategy No Health Without Mental Health, a briefing has now been produced by the Department of Health and partners with an overview of the implementation framework, focusing on those areas that are most relevant to providers of NHS mental health services. It highlights key points, including recommendations for evidence-based actions for the NHS, other public services and employers, better measures of success and advice on how future work on outcomes indicators will be taken forward nationally.
· Measuring wellbeing: a guide for practitioners - A guidebook for measuring wellbeing has been produced by the New Economics Foundation, an independent think tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic wellbeing. The guidebook is designed primarily for voluntary organisations and community groups delivering projects and services and aims to improve the design and delivery of services through the use of wellbeing outcome measures.
The Local Government Association and the Department of Health have jointly published a document to help local Healthwatch audiences understand the legal requirements that have been set out in regulations.
The Local Government Association and Association of Democratic Service Officers have jointly developed guidance to assist with the practical implementation and operation of Health and Wellbeing Boards.
The guidance will be a key tool in establishing Health and Wellbeing Boards and taking them forward.
Click here to access the guide.

Page Last Updated: 7 February 2014