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The Lord-Lieutenant's Award for Young People 2013

Young people rewarded in ‘Oscars’ style awards night!
Whole group photograph
All Shortlisted Nominees with Lady Gretton
Young people’s achievements were celebrated at a special ‘Oscars’ style awards night hosted by Leicestershire’s Lord-Lieutenant, Jennifer, Lady Gretton. This is the seventh year that these awards have been held. The event took place on 11th April at County Hall in Glenfield.
The event saw young people from both Leicester and Leicestershire being rewarded for some of the most remarkable examples of dedication, service to others ,outstanding personal achievements and sporting prowess. The award, which is open to young people aged 13-19, is the first of its kind to be initiated by a Lord-Lieutenant. Lady Grettton wanted to identify and reward the best examples of achievement amongst our young people.
Lady Gretton, said: “As Lord-Lieutenant I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of remarkable young people who at times despite disadvantage or obstacles placed before them have shown great courage and dedication.”
Over 70 people were identified by members of the public, teachers, youth workers, and various organisations as potential candidates for the awards. The awards are divided into five categories each with three short-listed candidates, with one winner for each section and one overall winner. The runners-up in each category received Samsung Galaxy tablet.  Each category winner is awarded a prize up to the value of  £500.

The winners of the Category Awards were:

Young Braveheart: Charlotte Murgatroyd
Young Volunteer: Daniel Bowler
Young Voice: Ria Pahwa
Young Scientist Elizabeth Hampson
Young Artist: Meghan Shuttlewood
Category winners
The Category Winners with Lady Gretton
The Lord-Lieutenant's Young Person of the Year 2013

Charlotte Murgatroyd

Lady Gretton and Charlotte
Lady Gretton with Charlotte Murgatroyd
for more photographs of the evening please follow the link below

Stand Up and be counted !....Young Braveheart of the Year

Kylie Panter, from Market Harborough is 17 and attends Tresham College in Northants
Kylie is an amazing young woman who has overcome many difficulties in her life, and never lets anything stop her from achieving her goals and dreams.
She faces two fairly major obstacles in her life:  she is a young carer for her brother, Reece, while suffering herself from rheumatoid arthritis.  
Reece is severely disabled with a complex medical condition.  He has autism, ADHD and an as yet an undiagnosed third condition. He has no speech and is confined to a wheelchair. Kylie takes on a significant amount of caring for her brother, and whilst this is really quite difficult, both emotionally and practically, Kylie obviously loves her brother and happily helps look after him.
She is currently taking very strong medication to relieve her symptoms, which also has horrible side effects,  affecting her liver - making her feel very lethargic and nauseous on the day that she takes it - and even hair loss. However, she does not use this as an excuse to stop doing things. In fact, it makes her more determined to get on and take part in as many activities as she possibly can.
As Kylie has said, “A positive attitude is always the key! It sucks having arthritis but I refuse to let it ruin my life and stop me from achieving my goals. It's other people that expect me not to be able to do things, not me.”
Kylie is one of the young people’s representatives on a Young Carers Club Steering Group. This means that she actively seeks the views of the other members of the group, and relays them to the Steering Group, including the workers. This is challenging as the views are not always positive, but Kylie ensures that what the young people have to say is said and listened to by the rest of the steering group, even if it is difficult to hear.
Kylie’s attitude and determination are simply inspirational.  
Katie Godwin, from Shepshed, is 18, and attends Loughborough College
Katie has been diagnosed as suffering with anxiety attacks and social anxiety, which at one stage meant that she had real difficulty leaving the house. Having had a difficult time at school she still achieved 12 GCSE’s and is now attending Loughborough College in the evenings, studying sports massage and injury prevention – with the hope of moving this forward as a career . Katie had hoped to attend a full-time course but her illness meant that she is better able to cope with evening classes.
Things are still not easy for Katie but she doesn’t focus on the negative and recently took a brave step for a teenager – she spoke out about her mental illness and linked up with the mental health website and added her story to the ‘Time to Change’ blog page. She also contacted her local MP who was trying to get a mental health bill passed in Parliament, and has used her Facebook page to be open about her experiences. Katie’s aim is to let other people know that they are not alone and there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
Katie has shown that there is hope and mental health issues should not be hidden away and not spoken about, especially where teenagers are concerned. Her brave stance has opened people’s eyes to the problems encountered by people with a mental health illness, and is changing people’s views on mental illness in teenagers.
With determination and courage Katie has got to achieve her career ambitions. She has landed herself a place within a UK professional cycling team as a team swanny, which provides sports deep tissue massage, nutrition and race support to team riders.
Charlotte Murgatroyd, from Braunstone Town, is 14 and attends Brockington College
Charlie was born with a complex heart condition which means she has gone through extensive surgery in her short life. She was only expected to live for 8 days but 14 years later we have a bright, lively, tenacious teenager. Her motto for life is 'live life like a lion' and this she does sometimes alarming those around her who are fully aware of her complex condition.
Options for Charlie are becoming increasingly limited and it is likely that she will have to undergo a heart transplant in the next two years. As she continues to grow this puts additional strain on a heart that has been compared to that of a 95 year old.
Charlie has undergone a lot of surgery and has been supported by the Heartlink Trust at Glenfield Hospital. To thank them for all they do Charlie raised £6000 for them and donated half of her birthday money when she reached the milestone of 10 years! Charlie was taken on a Dreamflight holiday last year which she thoroughly enjoyed. On her return she set herself a target of raising £10,000 to enable another child with a life limiting condition to have this wonderful experience. Her 'Just Giving' page shows she has exceeded this target and she's not giving up yet. She is always thinking up new ways to raise money - she really is one in a million.
When you know Charlie it is easy to become complacent and forget that hercondition is so serious and life limiting. To look at her you would just see a 'normal' young teenager, but as we all know in the local community she is a lion! Whenever she is admitted to hospital for surgery the odds are very slim however she tells the medical staff she will be out in half the time and she's always right!

Show that you care !....Young Volunteer of the Year

Daniel Bowler from Rothley, is 14, and attends Humphrey Perkins High School
The Mountsorrel Railway aims to recreate a forgotten industrial steam line, which was once crucial to the local community. Daniel has volunteered with the project almost every week continuously over the last three years and is always there at the start of the session and stays until the very end. He gets stuck in with whatever tasks are thrown at him and often goes home with his clothes, face and hands looking more like he has been down a coal mine than at a railway, a clear sign of a hard day’s graft!
In addition to the heavy, physical work involved with reinstating the railway, Daniel plays an important role in our Wildlife Warriors initiative. He designed our “Wildlife Warriors” logo and helps to run the Warrior sessions, which are attended by local children with a different focus each time.
Daniel helps devise the tasks for each event and spent his Easter holidays building over 30 wooden insect hotels to be used by the children during an upcoming Warriors’ event. His resourcefulness meant he obtained the timber needed for these insect hotels as a donation from a local timber yard's scrap bucket.
Daniel thrives on helping and bringing enjoyment to other people and thanks to his commitment over 150 children have learnt about the wildlife around Mountsorrel.
In addition to this, Daniel helps at 1st Mountsorrel Cubs every Wednesday night and goes on camp with them, helping to cook and serve the meals and helping with activities. Not content with that, he also designed their web site and now looks after it, keeping it up to date.
Daniel gets involved with events and activities at his school, and always volunteers to help at open evenings. He loves all things technical and loves to be involved in school productions, designing the sound and lighting for shows.
Daniel’s huge commitment and enthusiasm to volunteering makes him stand out as deserving of recognition.
Jessica Cox, from Quorn, is 17, and attends Our Lady’s Convent School in Loughborough
Jessica’s continual service to others both in school and within her local community whilst maintaining excellent results in her studies and external exams is what makes her stand out.
Jessica gave her time and efforts in the summer, at her own expense, to travel with a group of elderly, sick and infirm pilgrims who attended a number of religious services during a week in Lourdes in the South of France.  During this pilgramge she shared her sunny disposition and sense of fun with those around her, be they her peers, adults or pilgrims of all ages.
Jessica’s appointment as Head of the School Council has made a terrific impact on the school and she has already achieved a great deal which is a direct credit to her good humour, organising skills and ability to include everyone in planning and implementing events and activities.  
Through Jessica’s hard work, enthusiasm and her friendly and approachable demeanour her school has welcomed a record number of senior citizens to the school Christmas party.  The sound of singing, laughter and general chat indicated how much the visitors enjoyed the event and they were most sincere in their good wishes and thanks for being involved in the party.
Outside School Jessica’s involvement with the Brownies, local theatre company and football team shows what a ‘team player’ she is and how she gives a great deal of time and effort to the wider community.  She is a role model to the young children in the Brownies and freely dedicates a great deal of time and effort to preparing for theatre performances bringing good cheer to the local community.  Jess is also considered to be an important part of the Barrow Belles football team, leading by example and acting as an excellent role model.
Jessica is a mature, well organised and committed student whose dedication to a wide range of extra-curricular activities makes heranexceptionalrole model to the younger pupils in the School.
Ashley O’Mahoney, from Wigston, is 17 and attends Beauchamp College
Ashleigh enhances both her local community and advocates for all the children in care in Leicestershire by voluntarily giving of her time. Ashleigh does this as a committed member of the Children in Care Council representing the views of children in care and helping to raise the standards of service provided to young people.
Ashleigh has developed very good working relationships with many staff members and is a valued and committed member of the Council dedicating a lot of her free time and using her own experiences to move forward the services in a positive way. Ashleigh also sits on the Corporate Parenting Board, making sure that the opinions and views of children and young people in care are represented.
Ashleigh has volunteered for so many projects and events for children in care in Leicestershire it is hard to quantify. She worked with young people to develop an anti-bullying leaflet for children in care, she sits on the Celebration of Achievement planning committee, she is the member of the UK Youth Parliament for Oadby and Wigston, and she is a member of a website development group which is developing a website that will be very beneficial to the young people in care in Leicestershire.
Ashleigh has also taken part in arranging an Easter Egg Hunt and volunteered for a week at summer play schemes for 5-11 year olds in care, organising games and activities and helping the younger children in a way which clearly demonstrated her maturity and caring nature.
On top of all of this Ashleigh is a very able student academically and has achieved excellent GSCE results and is now studying for her AS levels.
Ashleigh shows a high level of commitment in everything she does which benefits other young people in care. She is held in esteem by professionals and her peers alike who both appreciate and admire her enthusiasm and dedication.

Speak Up, Speak Out!.....Young Voice of the Year

Priya Nath, from Wigston, is 17, and previously attended LeicesterCollege
Priya is a young woman who dedicates her time, talents and energy to speak out and be a voice for other young people. As the chairperson of the Children in Care Council (or CiCC), she has represented Leicestershire’s children in care locally, regionally and nationally.
As chair of the CiCC Priya has shown excellent leadership, inspiring and encouraging other members of the CiCC to speak out and have their voices heard.
Priya has continued to be tenacious and persistent in ensuring that Specialist Services continue to keep their promises. She does this by pointing out issues and instances where the promises aren’t being kept, bringing these issues up at CiCC meetings, the Corporate Parenting Board and in discussions with Specialist Services staff.
Priya has helped to organise and create a project for an Unheard Voices event in March 2012, and manned the CiCC stall. As a continuation of this project, Priya has helped to plan and organise a trip to Auschwitz in March 2013 for her and other young people in care. She has sat on numerous interview panels for both Specialist Services and the Youth Services, being an active contributor and bringing the voice of young people into the staff selection process.
On a National level, Priya attends the All Party Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers, at which a representative of the Children’s Minister attends. In June 2012 Priya openly challenged the Children’s Minister’s representative asking why so few M.P’s were in attendance – explaining that this made the young people feel like their contributions were not being sufficiently valued. The man she complained to was Edward Timpson, who has since become the Children’s Minister!
She has mentored younger girls in care who have been having a difficult time, and makes the time to take new and younger members of the CiCC under her wing. She is an extremely caring, thoughtful and compassionate young woman.
Ria Pahwa, from Leicester, is 15, and attends Soar Valley College.
Ria was born with complex congenital heart anomalies and has required multiple surgeries. Congenital heart defects are the largest killers of children, more so than all childhood cancers added together. In addition, despite surgery, the quality of life is often impaired with ongoing symptoms such as shortness of breath, lethargy and tiredness. To top it all, at the age of 9, Ria was struck down by a stroke.
Ria is an inspiration to young and old. Not just for overcoming these disabilities, but by using them to help others. She is the national representative for disabled children at the youth parliament, she is the school council representative and the youth parliament spokesperson for all young people in Leicester.
She is eloquent, vocal, self assured, without being rude and is wise for her years! She has fought so hard to achieve things most of us take for granted. Then, she has taken her experiences and is using them to help others.
Following the national review into children's heart services, a recommendation to close Glenfield was made. Ria has been a driving force for the campaign, and has represented the views of the young people affected by these changes not only through raising the issue at youth parliament, but also by taking to the streets and protesting! She spent some 20 hours a week raising awareness of the campaign.
Ria is still invited to take assemblies at her former primary school, and to talk to classes. She even managed to get her former headmaster to attend a demonstration in London, with some of the children, which says a lot about Ria’s powers of persuasion!
Ria is an incredible young women, who has gone over and beyond to represent the young people of Leicester and the UK. She is their voice.
Luca Veneziale (Luca Ven-a-zial), from Market Harborough, is 14 and attends the Robert Smythe Academy
Luca is an inspirational young man who has worked tirelessly throughout 2012 to promote the voice of young people through the youth led community group Enable Youth, overcoming his fears and nerves to present at public events where there has been pressure to deliver and to represent his peers.
There are so many things that make Luca stand out as being special. He has endless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and desire to ensure that young people play an active role in their community.
Luca is extremely committed to working in partnership with adults, and ensuring that young people’s opinions are listened to. He works in a way which brings people together - promoting the voice of young people, but not positioning young people’s opinions in an oppo-sitional way to adults. Luca understands that working together with all members of the community can help to create better results for young people and he works hard to communicate on behalf of the Enable Youth, representing their views and actions.
Luca’s contribution has made an enormous difference to Enable Youth. The work that he put into developing and organising the Rock on the Rec festival ensured that young people had an opportunity to get their voices heard (literally!) at this event. It gave young people a venue to express themselves creatively to a wide audience. Approximately 2000 people came to the event, an estimated 1800 of which were under 19yrs, and 13 different bands and solo artists had the opportunity to express themselves and perform. For many of these it was the first time in such a big, open air venue.
Luca is a fantastic ambassador for Enable Youth, and all young people. He promotes a positive representation of young people and challenges perceptions and stereotypes of ‘youth today’.

Push the boundaries!.....Young Scientist of the Year

Abdi-fatah Abdi, from Leicester, is 15, and attends Moat Community College
Abdi-fatah is an extremely able and conscientious student and shows keen interest in all of the sciences. He can explore, make predictions and evaluate findings in an organised way. He uses concepts, knowledge and skills to solve queries and has great potential to follow science at university level and beyond. Abdi-fatah sets an example of excellence in behaviour and cooperation in all situations; he has always had a mature approach and has tried his best to produce a high standard consistently.
Abdi-fatah has already achieved an A* in Biology and an A in Chemistry at GCSE. He attended the University of Cambridge Salters science weekend camp, and was part of the Salters chemistry festival. He has also participated in the Top of the Bench national competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry for two years running, and this year will be attending a microbiology summer camp.
Abdi-fatah has been attending the Science Club at school for two years, where he particularly enjoys practical work and has dissected many organisms during this time. He attends lectures at the local Universities, and has participated at the Big Bang events in Birmingham and Loughborough.  He has also taken part in workshops at The National Space Centre.
Abdi-fatah is always willing to take up opportunities presented to him with no regard to his free time, attending events and lectures in the local area.
Abdi-fatah is well liked and respected by his peers and by teachers alike. He has become a well-rounded person and is always willing to help colleagues and other students at Key Stage 3. In the wider community he is known as helpful, dedicated and hardworking.
Elizabeth Hampson, from Hinckley, is 18, and attends John Cleveland College
Elizabeth has demonstrated skill, dedication and enthusiasm in her work, particularly in the field of science. She finds learning about how organisms function at a biochemical level fascinating and intriguing.
As part of her interest in current research she undertook a four week placement, during the school summer break, to complete a Nuffield Bursary work experience in the mecha-tronics laboratory at Loughborough University. Elizabeth’s research has discovered that the spectrophotometer
(spectro-photom-eter) is a viable method for detecting infection in cell culture. This research will be very important in the future development of techniques, for example stem cells and could potentially be a step to finding a potential cure for disease. The climax of this work was to prepare a display showing her research, prepare a report and verbally explain to an assessor her experiments and findings.
She is self-motivated and completes much research outside the college environment.  She has learnt to manage her time effectively to combine the demands of examinations, research, voluntary work, a part-time job and an active social life.
Elizabeth is also completing independent work, alongside A levels, as part of an Extended Project Qualification.  This will expand the work to investigate the current potential of stem cell research and its applications in medicine and the fight against cancer and heart disease.
Elizabeth has been an active member of the fund raising Hope against Cancer charity, having been affected by the experiences of a family member.  This has required taking part in planning and working on fund-raising events.
Elizabeth if looking forward to learning and researching in the new environment that university will bring and is enthusiastic about future challenges and discovering more about the intricate details of living organisms and biochemical processes.  Her motivation and determination will enable her to obtain the most out of higher education and her achievements prove her commitment and aptitude for exploring the world of science.
Priya Patel, who is 16?, attends Queen Elizabeth II College
Priya is very creative and full of innovative ideas and has an enthusiasm and a real passion for the sciences.  
Priya has always been passionate about studying science subjects.  Coming from a Hindu community she hopes to become an outstanding role model for other girls in a similar background to achieve success in the scientific field.  She actively seeks out opportunities to develop her potential and shine as a leader in the local community.
Priya’s outstanding GCSE grades enabled her to attend an intensive Space Industry Experience placement at the National Space Centre where she had the opportunity to gain an insight into how physics is used effectively in aeronautical and aerospace engineering. She was able to produce RSS feeds for public consumption, attend sessions on presentation skills, science communication, and project design. This culminated with a presentation on the final day to academics from the University of Leicester of her chosen topic, Colliding Galaxies.
In October, Priya was selected by her college to travel to Russia for the International Space Olympics. She attended master classes designed to stretch her abilities in mathematics, physics, and creative writing. She gave a presentation to Russian university experts on a project she undertook in collaboration with the National Space Centre, on Solar flares and

Express yourself !......Young Artist of the Year

Karina Shah, from Braunstone Town, is 14, and attends Brockington College in Enderby
Karina is an exceptional Art student who is a conscientious, talented, hard working, inspired and inspiring student who is also modest and unassuming yet still so young. Her drawing, painting, clay work, critical analysis and mature insights into her own work and that of other artists is thought provoking. She will achieve the level of Exceptional Performance when she finishes KS 3, something not achieved before at her school.
Karina is totally in command of her own creativity; using lots of different techniques and media that are personal to her and are original and innovative.  She has already developed a style of her own and works with maturity using different media to fulfil her ideas.  
She is very articulate and able to communicate her ideas and feelings to both adults and her peer group. She is able to encourage and inspire those around her in a very modest and unassuming way; at no time alienating her peer group because she is so able.  
It is not just the quality of her work that is of a very high quality but the quantity which she produces is astounding, original and innovative.  This creativity is not confined to Art lessons but extends across all areas of the curriculum.
Karina has a rare mix of qualities that make her stand out.  She has an impressive intellect which is consistently evident in all her work.  She reads around subjects independently and demonstrates a level of understanding well beyond her years.  Her ability to articulate her thoughts is always impressive.  Everything about her work is brilliant.  This is a student that does not settle for second best; her attention to detail and her talent to present her work is as intelligent as it is eye-catching.  
Her humility and commitment makes her deserving of all the success she will undoubtedly receive during her school years and beyond.
Eleanor Simmons, from Ashby Parva, is 16, and attends Lutterworth College
Ellie is an exceptional and committed young singer-songwriter who writes and performs her own songs. She has performed at gigs and promotional events which has included the Rock on the Rec Festival in Market Harborough, where she completed a 40 minute set of her own music to an audience of 50 - 100 people; the Musician in Leicester; and Obs-unplugged - a series of gigs intended to showcase singers and acoustic artists from Leicester and Leicestershire.
Ellie has recorded lots of demos and takes every available opportunity to play music and develop her experience and skills. She is entirely self-taught and has an amazing vocal talent and guitar playing skills, coupled with fantastic song writing abilities. Her attitude and professionalism is also to be much admired. She is quite a naturally shy person, but when she gets on stage and starts performing her star quality shines.
Ellie has shown a willingness to perform at any and every opportunity - big or small. She just wants to gain experience and get as many people as possible to hear her music. Although Ellie is based in a small village near Lutterworth, she is willing to travel across the county to perform at events.
Through her music, Ellie expresses herself and her unique perspective on the world. Sharing this with others promotes a very positive impression of young people and challenges some of the negative stereotypes we often see of both young people and musicians.
One fan’s web post summed up Ellie’s talent. He posted, “I was knocked off my feet by the power and range of her voice. At times it was sorrowful, funky, and even, at times, a pleasant kind of shrill. She used her lyrics almost like a percussion instrument at one point, bringing an upbeat kind of rhythm to her music.  Her guitar work was effortless and she displayed real talent.”
Meghan Shuttlewood, from Kirby Muxloe, is 17, and attends Groby Community College
Meghan is a very talented, hard working and self-motivated young artist.  Her natural creative ability and flair has always stood out from others and she deserves to be praised and recognised on a wider scale for her natural talent and achievements in the subject of art.
Meghan’s work is seen as unique and individual. When generating ideas for a project for example, she has a natural tendency and ability to think outside the box and not to go for the obvious or easier options.
The quality of the work that she creates is of a very high standard and is exemplary.  Nothing is ever too much for Meghan, especially when she is being creative she is never afraid to take on a new challenge or to take risks.
Every piece of work that she generates shows a very high skill level, especially when she works from observation; she has her own unique drawing style, all very realistic and her paint work has often been mistaken for a photograph.
Meghan is able to take on board and deal with constructive criticism in a responsible way and understands how to improve and evaluate her own work. Her mature attitude towards her education and studying has enabled her to manage her time effectively between all her subjects and she takes all areas of her education seriously.
When Meghan hands in her homework the quality is always of a very high standard, the skill level outstanding, and you know by the detail applied that she has spent numerous hours applying her time and energy to the work.
Meghan produces visually appealing and intriguing work and presents it in a very creative way.  Her work is regularly used as exemplary materials for her peers of the same age and younger – which helps set high standards and expectations for all students.
Meghan is an excellent role model for her peers and she is a very effective Post 16 ambassador for art.

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