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The Office of High Sheriff

Picture of High Sheriff's Badge
The Office of High Sheriff is at least 1000 years old having its roots in Saxon times before the Norman Conquest.  It is the oldest continuous secular Office under the Crown.
Originally the Office held many of the powers now vested in the Lord-Lieutenant, High Court Judges, Magistrates, local authorities, Coroners and even the Inland Revenue.  In England and Wales a High Sheriff is appointed for each County, and although originally the principal representative of the Crown the High Sheriff now takes precedence in the County immediately after the Lord-Lieutenant.  This applies except when precedence is deferred to a Lord Mayor, Mayor or Chairman of a local authority in municipal premises, or at a municipal event.
The High Sheriff remains The Sovereign’s representative in the County for all matters relating to the Judiciary, and they are responsible for the well-being and protection of Her Majesty’s High Court Judges when on circuit in the County.
High Sheriffs are appointed annually for a one year term of office, and the present High Sheriff of Leicestershire is Gordon Arthur who entered office on 7th April 2015
Gordon Arthur
Gordon Arthur
Gordon Arthur
Nominations to the Office of High Sheriff are dealt with through the presiding High Court Judge of the Circuit and the Privy Council for consideration by The Sovereign in Council.  The annual nominations of three prospective High Sheriffs for each County are made in a meeting of the Lords of the Council in The Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice presided over by the Lord Chief Justice on 12 November in each year.  Subsequently the selection of new High Sheriffs is made annually in a meeting of the Privy Council by The Sovereign when the custom of “pricking” the appointee’s name with a bodkin is perpetuated.
Eligibility for nomination and appointment of High Sheriff under the Sheriff’s Act of 1887 excludes Peers of Parliament, Members of the House of Commons, Commissioners or Officers of Customs and Excise or Inland Revenue, Officers of the Post Office and Officers of the Navy, Army or Royal Air Force on full pay, Clergymen whether beneficed or not and Barristers or Solicitors in actual practice.
As previously indicated the appointment of a High Sheriff is for one year only except in the event of something untoward happening to the High Sheriff’s expected successor when a High Sheriff must remain in Office until the appointment of a successor is executed.
The High Sheriff receives no remuneration from the public purse.  In recent years High Sheriffs in Leicestershire, as in many parts of England and Wales, have been particularly active in the field of the reduction of crime and the development of an anti-crime culture, particularly among young people through the Crimebeat Initiative.The High Sheriffs of Leicestershire and Rutland are Patrons of the local charity Warning Zone which encourages Year 6 Pupils to develop risk awareness - see attached link Warning Zone
Tel: 0116 279 3995

Correspondence or Invitations

All postal correspondence or invitations should be directed to the office of the Under Sheriff
Under Sheriff

Mr Martin Hill
Bray & Bray Solicitors
51 High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7AF

Tel: 01858 467181
For more information about High Sheriffs

Previous High Sheriffs of Leicestershire

1801 Thomas March Phillipps
1802 John Pares
1803 James Vann
1804 Henry Otway
1805 George Payne
1806 Frederick William Wollaston
1807 Edward Dawson
1808 John Finch Simpson
1809 Sir William Manners, Baronet
1810 Hon. Thomas Bowes
1811 Richard Norman
1812 Richard Cheslyn
1813 Robert Haymes
1814 Jacob Henry Franks
1815 Edward Farnham
1816 Charles William Pochin
1817 Clement Winstanley
1818 Sir George Robinson, Baronet
1819 Thomas Sansome
1820 John Clarke
1821 George Moore
1822 Charles James Packe
1823 Sir William Walker, Kt.
1824 Charles Godfrey Mundy
1825 Charles March Phillipps
1826 Thomas Westley Oldham
1827 Otho Manners
1828 George Pochin
1829 Joshua Grundy
1830 Sir G. H. W. Beaumont, Baronet
1831 J. G. D. Butler Danvers
1832 E. Bouchier Hartopp
1833 John Mansfield
1834 Henry Greene, of Rollestone
1835 William Herrick, of Beaumanor
1836 Sir Lionel Talmash, of Buckminster, Baronet, commonly called Lord Huntingtower
1837 Sir Arthur Grey Hazlerigg, of Noseley Hall, Baronet
1838 Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, of Knighton, Baronet
1839 Edward Dawson, of Whatton House
1840 Sir George Joseph Palmer, of Wanlip, Baronet
1841 Richard Mitchell, of Enderby
1842 John Bainbridge Story, of Lockington
1843 Sir Willoughby Wolstan Dixie, of Bosworth Park, Baronet
1844 Lord Archibald Algernon Henry St. Maur, of Burton on the Wolds
1845 William Corbet Smith, of Bitteswell
1846 William A Pochin, of Barkby
1847 William Wootton, Abney, of Swepstone
1848 Henry Freeman Coleman, of Evington Hall
1849 John Goodacre, of Lutterworth
1850 Thomas Stokes, of New Parks
1851 Sir Cornwallis Rickets, of Beaumont Leys, Baronet
1852 Sir George Howland Beaumont, of Coleorton, Baronet
1853 Frederick Wollaston, of Shenton
1854 Henry Corles Bingham, of Wartnaby
1855 William Ward Tailby, of Humberstone
1856 Thomas Cope, of Osbaston
1857 Edward Chatterton Middleton, of Loughborough
1858 Charles Thomas Freer, of Billesdon Coplow
1859 William Bosworth, of Charley
1860 Edward Henshaw Cheney, of Gaddesby
1861 Richard Sutton of Skeffington
1862 James Beaumont Winstanley, of Braunstone House
1863 John Martin, of Whatton House
1864 Edwin Burnaby, of Baggrave Hall
1865 Frederick Palmer, of Withcote Hall
1866 Charles Hay Frewen, of Cold Overton
1867 Edward Finch Dawson, of Launde Abbey
1868 Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps De Lisle, of Garendon Park
1869 Thomas Tertius Paget, of Humberstone
1870 Edward Basil Farnham, of Quorndon House
1871 Harry Leycester Powys Keck, of Stoughton Grange
1872 Sir Henry St. John Halford, of Wistow Hall, Baronet
1873 Isaac Harrison, of Newfoundpool
1874 Edward Warner, of Quorndon Hall
1875 Thomas Charles Douglas Whitmore, of Gumley
1876 Sir Alexander Beaumont Churchill Dixie, of Bosworth Hall, Baronet
1877 Hussey Packe, of Prestwold
1878 Charles Marriott, of Cotesbach
1879 George Thomas Mowbray, of Grangewood House, Overseal
1880 Joseph Trueman Mills, of Husbands Bosworth
1881 Thomas Swift Taylor, of Leicester Frith
1882 William Winterton, of Leicester
1883 Richard Worsley Worswick, of Normanton
1884 The Hon. Harry Tywhitt Wilson, of Keythorpe
1885 Cecil George Assheton Drummond, of Enderby
1886 David Bromilow, of Bitteswell Hall
1887 William Edward John Basil Farnham, of Quorndon House
1888 John Bertie Norreys Entwistle, of Kilworth House
1889 James Percival Cross, of Catthorpe Towers
1890 William Byerley Paget, of Loughborough
1891 Alexander Lauderdale Duncan, of Knossington Grange
1892 William Henry Ellis, of Anstey Grange
1893 Charles Edmund De Trafford, of Hothorpe, Theddingworth
1894 Joseph Griggs, of Loughborough
1895 Charles Tollemache Scott, of Market Bosworth
1896 Sam Tudor Ashton, of Burton Lazars
1897 Edward Handley Warner, of Quorn Hall
1898 William Pochin Warner, of Langton Hall
1899 Charles James Phillips, of Old Dalby Hall
1900 Richard Smith-Carington, of Ashby Folville Manor
1901 Samuel Francis Stone, of Kirby Frith
1902 James Burns Hartopp, of Little Dalby Hall
1903 George Murray Smith, of Gumley Hall
1904 George William Pochin, of Barkby Hall
1905 Thomas William Everard, of Bradgate Park
1906 Everard March Phillipps De Lisle, Gracedieu Whitwick
1907 Richard Dalgliesh, of Asfordby Place
1908 Frederick Gretton, of Sudbury Hall
1909 The Rt. Hon. Lord Hazlerigg, of Nosely Hall
1910 Herbert Hanbury Smith-Carington, of Ashby Folville
1911 Sir Edward Hussey Packe, K.B. E., of Prestwold Hall
1912 Oswald Henry Philip Turville-Petre, of Husbands Bosworth Hall
1913 John Breedon Everard, of Knighton
1914 Lupton Topham Topham, of Lutterworth
1915 Henry Trueman Mills, of Langton Hall
1916 Alfred Corah, of Scraptoft Hall
1917 Hugh George Goodacre, of Ullesthorpe Court
1918 Thomas Fielding Johnson, Jun., of Goscote Hall
1919 Sir Samuel Faire, of Glenfield Frith, Kt.
1920 Sir John Turner, of Donisthorpe, Kt.
1921 John Edward Faire, of Evington Hall
1922 Alfred Ernest Haley, of Leicester Grange, Hinckley
1922 Sir Arthur Wheeler, of Woodhouse Eaves, Baronet
1923 Alfred Turner, of Brocks Hill, Oadby
1924 Sir William Lindsay Everard, of Ratcliffe Hall, Baronet
1925 James Leslie Cross, of Catthorpe Towers
1926 Sir Maurice Levy, of Great Glen House, Baronet
1927 William Montague Curzon-Herrick, of Beaumanor
1928 Robert Walter Kaye, of Great Glen Manor
1929 Capt. Sir Harold Stansmore Nutting, Bart., of Quenby Hall, Leicester
1930 Francis Herbert Carrington Smith-Carrington, Ashby Folville Manor
1931 Lt.-Col. Ernest Clive Atkins, of Stretton House, Hinckley
1932 Lt.-Col. Edward Gibson Gillilan, D.S.O., of Great Bowden
1933 Sir John Harold Corah, of Queniborough Hall
1934 Lt.-Col. Sir Charles Frederick Oliver, Kt. of Leicester
1935 William Albert North, of Keythorpe Hall
1936 Major John Ellis Viccars, D.S.O., O.B.E., T.D., of Ingarsby Old Hall
1937 Sir Ewart Joseph Maurice Levy, of Great Glen House, Baronet
1938 Claud Bennion, of Billesdon Coplow
1939 Disney Barlow, of Woodhouse Eaves
1940 George Cecil Gorham Gee, of Rothley
1941 Victor Robert Pochin, of Barkby
1942 Harry Percy Gee, O.B.E., of Leicester
1943 Bernard Everard, of Bardon Hill
1944 Horace Wilmer Pochin, of Houghton on the Hill
1945 Samuel Frederick Peshall, of Quorn
1946 Col. George German, D.S.O., of Ashby de la Zouch
1946 Leslie Crauford Robertson, of Sludge Hall, Billesdon
1947 Major Thomas Guy Frederick Paget, of Ibstock
1948 Lt-Col. John Cecil Gerard Leigh of Thorpe Satchville Hall, Melton Mowbray.
1949 Lt.-Col. Charles Hamilton Martin, O.B.E., of Kinchley House, Rothley
1950 Capt. Arthur Frederick John Roberts-George, of The Manor House, Thurnby
1951 Lt.-Col. J.D. Hignett, of Langton Grange, Market Harborough
1952 Lt.-Col. A.S. Gemmell, of Ingarsby Old Hall, Leicester
1953 Major Hubert Blount, M.C., of Old Dalby Hall, Melton Mowbray
1953 Brigadier R.A.G Tilney, D.S.O., T.D., of Sutton Bonington, Loughborough
1954 Major John Adrian Frederick March Phillipps De Lisle, of The Hall, Stockerston, Uppingham
1955 Lt.-Col. Alexander William Edward Kirkpatrick, of Lowesby Hall, Leicester
1956 Lt.-Col. George Anthony Murray-Smith, of Gumley, Market Harborough
1957 Col. Philip Henry Lloyd, T.D., of Stone House, Blaston, Market Harborough
1958 Major David Constable Maxwell, T.D., of Bosworth Hall, Husbands Bosworth, Rugby
1959 Robert William Banner Newton, of Carlton Curlieu Hall, Leicester
1960 Willoughby Rollo Norman, of Pickwell Manor, Melton Mowbray
1961 Major Denis Joseph Cowen, of East Farndon Hall, Market Harborough
1962 Sir Tresham Joseph Philip Lever, of Bosworth Old Hall, Husbands Bosworth, Rugby, Baronet
1963 Major Stephen Gordon Holland, of Foxton Grange, Market Harborough
1964 Patrick Anthony William Beresford Everard, of Ratcliffe Hall, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicester
1965 Paul Cater Hyde-Thomson, Catthorpe Manor, Rugby
1966 Col. Hampton Ashburner Hughes, D.S.O., M.B.E., Chestnuts Farm, Hallaton, Market Harborough
1967 The Hon. Geoffrey Lionel Berry, Thorpe Lubenham Hall, Market Harborough
1968 Major Richard Peter Michael Spencer, of Rotherby Grange, Melton Mowbray
1969 Edmund Crispian Steven James George Brudenell, of Deene Park, Corby, Northants.
1970 John Michael Hignett, T.D., of Clipston Court, Market Harborough
1971 Archibald Somerset Clowes, of Ashlands,  Billesdon, Leicester
1972 David Babington Smith, of Somerby Grove House, Old Somerby, Grantham, Lincolnshire
1973 Lord John Manners, of Reservoir Cottage, Knipton, Grantham, Lincolnshire
1974 Major Everard John Robert March Phillipps De Lisle, of Stockerston Hall, Uppingham
1975 John Wedgwood Thellusson Wood, J.P., of Home Farm, Bringhurst, Market Harborough
1976 George Hamilton Boyle, of Bisbrooke Hall, Uppingham
1977 Simon Jasper Packe-Drury-Lowe, of Prestwold Hall, Loughborough
1978 Lyonel Humphry John Tollemache J.P., of Buckminster Park, Grantham
1979 Timothy Gerald Martin Brooks J.P., of Wistow Hall, Leicester
1980 Major General Ronald Edward Coaker, C.B., C.B.E., M.C., D.L., of Seaton Old Rectory, Uppingham
1980/81 Major General R. E. Coaker CB., CBE., MC., DL
1981/82 K. J. M. Madocks Wright Esq
1982/83 Wing Commander J. H. Smith-Carrington AFC., DL
1983/84 Captain S. Everard TD., DL., BA
1984/85 A. W. Fenwick Esq
1985/86 The Lord Crawshaw
1986/87 E. G. A. Farnham DL
1987/88 J. P. A. M. P. de Lisle DL
1988/89 A. T. C. Haywood Esq
1989/90 G. A. A. M. P. de Lisle Esq DL
1990/91 Major .R. D. F. Bream TD, DL
1991/92 R. T. Constable-Maxwell DL
1992/93 J. M. Moubray Esq DL
1993/94 R. H. Murray-Philipson Esq DL
1994/95 J. M. S. Whitehead Esq CBE., JP., DL
1995/96 J. Cowen Esq
1996/97 G. N. Corah Esq DL
1997/98 D. C. Samworth Esq CBE., DL
1998/99 I. M. McAlpine Esq OBE., DL
1999/2000 Mrs A. G. Wilson CBE., JP., DL
2000/01 A. Wessel Esq
2001/02 M. C. C. Sandell Esq
2002/03 R. A. S. Everard Esq DL
2003/04 Mrs J. M. Birchall
2004/05 Mrs F. Hussain MBE
2005/06 Mr J Buxton - download details (PDF format)
2006/07 Mr Mark Newton FRICS - download details (PDF Format)
2007/08 Mr Barry Jackson - download details (PDF Format)
2008/09 Mr David Wyrko - download details (PDF Format)
2009/10 Mr Maurice Thompson - download details (PDF format)
2010/2011 Colonel R C J Martin OBE DL download details
2011/2012 Resham Singh Sandhu Esq MBE DL download details
2012/2013 Richard Brooks FRICS download details
2013/2014 Sally Bowie download details
2014/2015 Richard Clowes download details
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