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Artworks is a collection of over 900 works of art including paintings, original prints, drawings, sculptures, textiles and photographs.   Most of the works are by British artists from the 20th and 21st centuries and established and famous artists like David Hockney, Elizabeth Frink, Bridget Riley, Stephen Conroy, Peter Howson and Paula Rego  are represented in the collection.
Each year, new work is purchased so that the collection continues to grow.
See a very popular recent commission, Held in the Hand.

Who can use Artworks?

Artworks is special because it is rare for a museum collection of this standard to be available for loan to non museum venues.  
Artworks can be used by schools, colleges, community centres, day centres and public buildings in Leicestershire and Leicester.  We are also piloting use of Artworks in the private sector, so if you work in a company where there is either public access to part of your building, or an area where a significant part of the work force gathers, then you may be eligible to borrow from Artworks. What can we use Artworks for?
Organisations in Leicestershire and Leicester can borrow works of art so that it can be simply enjoyed in your own venue or used as a teaching aid as part of your normal daily routine.

How long can I borrow Artworks for?

Artworks are normally loaned for an academic year, with most of the loan bookings being made in September and October, and collected in June / July.  We will make loans for shorter periods on request, where possible.

I’m interested – what next?

If you would like to find out more, you can either arrange a visit to the Sherrier Centre, or arrange for the Artworks Officer to come and see you.  We can show you images on a laptop to help you make your choice, and help you with ideas on using Artworks if required.  Contact us by calling 0116 305 5536 or e-mail us at
Casson - Kitchen Sink Souza - Emperor Hawkins - Armour for a bird
A selection of artwork available to borrow

Page Last Updated: 28 January 2015