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What can I do if my Application is Refused?

If your application for a Blue Badge or to renew your badge is refused, you can appeal.  You may either wish to request a review of the refusal decision, if you believe that the refusal is wrong, or you may wish to complain about the manner or conduct of staff who dealt with your application.
To request a review of the decision, please contact us within 28 days of receiving your refusal letter, by writing to Blue Badge, Customer Services Centre, Leicestershire County Council, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8ST, or by e-mail to
Reviews are carried out by staff from the Council’s Sustainable Travel Group (STG) who are independent of the initial decision making. The STG will take into consideration information you provided on your original application form and in your letter requesting a review, the report from any independent mobility assessment you attended, and the Government’s guidance to councils on how to decide who qualifies for a Blue Badge.  You will receive a letter setting out the outcome of the review within 28 days of receipt of your appeal.  If you have not previously attended an independent mobility assessment, you may be asked to attend one as part of the review process.  
If you do not accept the reviewer’s decision, you may request that your case is reviewed again by a more senior member of staff.  The original reviewer will give you the necessary contact details on request.
To complain about the manner or conduct of staff who dealt with your application, please refer to the Council’s corporate complaints procedure here
You can bring your complaint to the attention of the Local Government Ombudsman, who is independent of the County Council, by contacting the Ombudsman’s Advice Team on 0300 061 0614.
N.B If the outcome of the review process is that we confirm refusal of your application, please note that we do not usually consider re-applications until at least 6 months have elapsed since the date of our original refusal letter or the most recent mobility assessment you have attended, whichever is the later. For a re-application to be successful, we would expect there to have been a substantial reduction in the applicant's walking ability in the intervening period. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider re-applications at less than 6 months, if your walking ability has suddenly and significantly deteriorated.  

Page Last Updated: 15 August 2013