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School Crossing Patrols - Pedestrian and Motorist Advice

  • STOP means STOP! Motorists must stop when signaled to do so by a school crossing patrol and it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act not to obey the STOP sign. Patrols are trained never to hold up traffic for longer than is absolutely necessary, but motorists must be patient with them, as they will always wait until the last pedestrian has reached the opposite pavement before they leave their position. Remember the Patrol needs time to get back safely to their side of the road as well, so please don't pull away too quickly.
  • The School Crossing Patrol, when on duty, is there for everyone, young or old, that might wish to cross the road at the patrol point.
  • Lollipop messages - did you know that how a patrol is holding their sign gives a message to drivers and pedestrians as to what they should do next.
School Crossing Patrols Description
School Crossing Patrol Not ready to cross pedestrians Upside down - School crossing patrol waiting at the kerbside. Drivers may proceed as the SCP does not have anyone to cross.
School Crossing Patrol Barrier to stop pedestrians crossing
Parallel across the front of the body - The School Crossing Patrol is creating a barrier to hold children back from crossing into the road. Before the Patrol steps into the road they will request the children to wait.
School Crossing Patrol Ready to cross pedestrians, vehicles must be prepared to stop
Extended out into the traffic - the School Crossing Patrol is telling drivers there are people waiting to cross. When you see this you should stop.
School Crossing Patrol All vehicles must stop The School Crossing Patrol is in the middle of the road with sign - STOP means STOP - drivers must wait until the crossing is clear of pedestrians and the School Crossing Patrol before they carry on with their journey.
  • Please allow the patrol time to get back onto the pavement before you drive.
  • Help get behind Leicestershire’s School Crossing Patrol team and give them the time and respect to do their job safely.

Page Last Updated: 7 August 2009