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South Wigston: Blaby Road (B582)

South Wigston: Blaby Road (B582) to Mill Lane via Blaby Road Park.

Proposed Cycle Link

Latest Update – April 2012

New shared use facilities completed in December 2011
Leicestershire County Council would like to thank the residents of South Wigston and commuters for their patience during the construction phase
Leicestershire County Council would also like to thank Sustrans for their contribution towards the success of this scheme.
The Council are currently working closely with Oadby and Wigston Borough Council to agree on a new improved shared use route for cyclists and pedestrians through Blaby Road Park. As part of a second phase of works, improvements to widen the shared use facility over Crow Mill Bridge are scheduled for 2012.

Update – December 2011
The Director of Environmental & Transport, along with local & lead members, have approved the scheme for construction.
Construction commenced on the 28 November 2011, with duration of works approximately 4 weeks.
It is inevitable that some disruption will be caused by the roadworks, but Leicestershire County Council will make every effort to minimise their impact where possible.

History of scheme

As part of Leicestershire County Council's (LCC) Local Transport Plan objectives to encourage active and sustainable travel and improve connectivity and accessibility, LCC is pleased to advise of proposals to improve facilities for cyclists and pedestrians within the South Wigston area by providing a link between Blaby Road, South Wigston with Mill Lane, Blaby via Blaby Road Park and Countesthorpe Road.
Please note, as part of ongoing consultation for the regeneration of Blaby Road Park by Oadby & Wigston Borough Council, improvements for cycling within the park will form part of the Borough Council’s final proposals.
The Proposals
Outside of the park, Leicestershire County Council intends to carry out the following works:-
1. Upgrade existing pelican crossing on Blaby Road (B582) adjacent to park to toucan crossing.
2. Provide two uncontrolled pedestrian/cycle crossings with new 3 metre wide shared use footway linking Lansdowne Grove and the footway west of Countesthorpe Road.
3.Widen the footway to 3 metres where necessary to complete the link to Mill Lane.
4.Works to widen the narrow footway over the Crow Mill canal bridge will be investigated with the solution being subject to technical & financial implications.
The proposals in principle are shown on the attached drawing no.3774.00/Z1/1/5. (pdf format, file size1.5 mb this plan may take some time to download
The use of this plan is limited to viewing on-line and printing one copy only.
For examples of traffic measures, please follow the link to our photo gallery
Scheme Objectives
  • To improve pedestrian & cycle facilities
  • To encourage alternatives to car use.
Your Comments
Consultation is now closed. However, should you wish to raise an issue regarding the proposal, please contact us at or telephone our Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 0001.
What happens next?
The success of these proposals is dependent on support of the local community, and comments received help elected members to decide how the scheme should progress. Consultation is currently underway with County Councillors, Parish Councils, local representative groups and affected local residents. The final outcome of the consultation will be posted on this web page.
Disclaimer -
This information is not definitive and we cannot guarantee it is a complete and up to date list of all County Council schemes.  It should not be used for the purposes of compiling a property search, for accurate and up to date information for this purpose please go to the Land Charges and Searches section.

Page Last Updated: 24 April 2012