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Further Information

Customer Service Centre
Sustainable Travel Group
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall
Phone: 0116 305 0002
Fax: 0116 305 0006
Minicom: 0116 305 0007

Commercially Available Alternatives to the Leicestershire County Council Bus Pass

Before you apply for a Leicestershire County Council (LCC) bus pass we strongly urge you to consider all of the commercially available alternatives. The increase in the cost of the LCC travel pass this year may mean that you would get better value in terms of price and flexibility by purchasing a season ticket from a commercial bus operator.
Most commercially available season tickets allow you to travel at any time and on any day including weekends. In comparison the LCC bus pass is much more restrictive as it can be only used for one return journey per day to and from school/college and can't be used during holidays or at weekends. Please visit the websites listed below for more information on commercial services in your area and the range of student season tickets and multi-trip tickets that are currently available . Please check these websites regularly for any special offers.
Arriva Student Saver
First Leicester Student Tickets
Centrebus Student Tickets
Beaver Bus
Paul S Winson Coaches
Roberts Travel
Stagecoach in Warwickshire
If you would like more information about which commercial services operate in your area please click on the link below
Traveline East Midlands
There may also be commercially operated 'school specials' operating to your chosen school/college. Please contact your school/college for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted Transport for 16 – 19 Year Old Students 2015/2016

  1. Introduction - School/College Transport for students aged 16-19
  2. How do I qualify?
  3. When should I apply?
  4. What happens if I apply late?
  5. What is the charge and how do I pay it?
  6. Are there any exemptions from the charge?
  7. If my application is successful, what sort of transport will be arranged?
  8. What if I am not entitled?
  9. When can I use my pass?
  10. What if I lose my pass?
  11. What happens if the transport is no longer needed?
  12. What happens if my circumstances change?
  13. Who do I contact if I need more advice?

1. School/College transport for students aged 16-19

There is no automatic entitlement to free home to school/college transport once a student is over 16. However, we will provide transport assistance for students who meet certain eligibility criteria. Post 16 students are required to contribute towards the cost of their transport. This year the charge will be £546 (full cost recovery) for the academic year.
Assisted transport for 16+ students will be more limited under the revised mainstream transport policy for 2015/2016 as it no longer takes account of the availability of courses or subjects and won’t allow for students to attend a school or college which is further away if it offers their chosen course.

2. How do I qualify?

Returning 16+ students, who qualified for 16+ transport assistance under the old policy for the 2014/2015 academic year, will remain eligible providing they stay on the same course. If they change course, start a new course or their personal circumstances change (move address for example) then they will be reassessed under the new policy as below.
2015/2016 Post 16 Transport Eligibility Criteria
You can apply for Post 16 transport assistance if you meet all of the following criteria:
  • You are a student living in Leicestershire, and will be aged 16, 17 or 18 on the 1st September 2015
  • You will be in full time education* at School or a Further Education College. *Full time education is defined as 540 hours or more of supervised study in any 12 month period.
  • If you live more than 3 miles from the school/college attended and:
 • the school is the nearest school sixth form or nearest freestanding Post 16 Further Education/Sixth Form college.
 and is either
 • the nearest freestanding Leicestershire Further Education/Sixth Form college
 • the nearest Leicestershire school sixth form - but to continue providing transport only to the catchment school with a sixth form in areas where there have been no changes to catchments or age range since May 2012 (frozen areas)
Note: Where a student lives in a frozen area they will only be provided transport to the frozen area school sixth form or their nearest school sixth form. Where the nearest school sixth form is not the frozen school sixth form and is in another local authority area e.g. Leicester City, there will be no additional entitlement to any other Leicestershire school.
FAQS for the 2015/2016 mainstream policy can be viewed here.

You should NOT apply under this scheme if:

  • You will be aged 19 or over on 1st September 2015 and you are starting a new course. (If you were under 19 when you started your course and meet the qualifying criteria above, you will continue to be eligible whilst you are completing that course).
  • You are thinking of starting a course at a university - Student finance is no longer administered by the Local Authority but by Student Finance England. Further information and application forms may be obtained by calling the Student Finance Helpline on 0845 300 50 90, or by visiting the Student Finance Website
  • You live in the City of Leicester – please contact Leicester City Council (0116) 454 1009, or visit the City Council Home to School Transport Website
Students who are transferring to a College of Further Education and who previously had a Statement of Special Educational Needs with transport provision included should complete a Post 16 SEN transport form - by following the link from the SEN transport homepage -  should transport continue to be required.
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3. When should I apply?

Apply NOW even if you are unsure whether you will continue in post 16 education. All transport for next year is planned and allocated through the summer months. To ensure your transport is available from the start of the autumn term, you must apply before the 26th June 2015.
We aim to process all applications received before the closing date by the 17th August 2015. Please don't contact us to track the progress of your application before the 17th August 2015 as this will only delay the allocation process.
Don’t worry if your course depends on GCSE results - apply anyway and return your travel pass to us if you don’t take up the course.
Please note, you must apply for each year of your post 16 education, even if you are already receiving transport assistance.
You can submit your transport application and arrange payment for it online. You can elect to either pay the transport fee in one lump sum or opt for a number of instalments. The number of instalments available will be dependent on the date of your application.

4. What happens if I apply late?

Applications received after the 26th June 2015 will be treated as late and there is no guarantee that transport will be arranged before the start of the autumn term.
Late applications, particularly those received in August and September could incur an 8 week wait for transport to be arranged. If this happens, you should be prepared to arrange and pay for your own transport initially. No refund of fares, expenses incurred or pro rata reduction of charges will be made for late applications.
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5. What is the charge and how do I pay it?

The charge for the academic year 2015/2016 is £546.
You can pay online by credit/debit card. You can choose to pay the full charge in one lump sum or to pay in instalments. Please note we no longer accept Direct Debit as a method of payment.
Failure to complete payments for transport fees can result in pupils being excluded from school / college transport and from making any further transport applications. Any applications from applicants, or siblings of applicants, with an outstanding debt from a previous academic year will not be accepted until the previous debt is cleared.
Payment will be collected from the debit/credit card you register with us at the time of application, it is therefore very important that you ensure that there are sufficient funds available on the card to cover school transport payments. If you replace your credit/debit card or change bank accounts please contact The Customer Service Centre as soon as possible (0116 305 0002) to provide new card details
We reserve the right to ask for the full amount of the transport fee upfront (plus any outstanding monies from previous academic years) if you have previously persistently defaulted on school/college transport payments.
Please note the school transport charge is calculated on an annual basis and there will be no reduction for any periods when transport isn’t required e.g. exam leave or sickness, or for any occasions when due to unforeseen circumstances transport is not available e.g. snow days, vehicle breakdowns / lateness.
There will also be no reduction for any occasions when a student is excluded from transport temporarily as a result of their misbehaviour on school transport.
Paying in instalments
If you wish to pay the transport fee in instalments (recurring payments) please select this option when you apply. There will be a maximum of 8 instalments available and payment must be completed by the end of April 2016. We will begin to collect payments after transport has been allocated. For applications received during the summer holidays, payments will commence on or about the 30th September 2015.You will be sent an email to let you know when the first payment will be taken from your account. Please note that the number of instalments available will be reduced if the application is received after the middle of September 2015.
*NB If your application is received after the 18th March 2016 the option to pay in instalments will be closed and we will only accept payment in full.
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6. Are there any exemptions from the charge?

You will be exempt from the charge if you are in receipt of your maximum level of Working Tax Credit or if your child receives Free School Meals, or you are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits for Free School Meals.
Please click here for further information.
If you feel that you are exempt from the charge please complete the online application form selecting either 'Free School Meals' or 'Maximum Working Tax Credit'. If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit please upload or send a copy of your tax credit award notice form TC602(A) to the address provided on the application form. The information used to determine exemption is usually found on page 3 of form TC602(A) in a section called Working Tax Credit Entitlement. In all cases the entry against the line “Reduction due to your income” should be £0.00. If there is any value in here, however small, you will not be exempt from the transport charge. If you are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits for Free School Meals please upload proof of your benefit award or send a copy to the address provided.
Please note that if the details of your award are incorrect or incomplete your application will be put on hold and this will delay the application process. All exemption claims will be checked for validity. If an invalid claim is submitted we will seek to recover any monies owed to us.
If you don't have exemption documentation at the time of application you can provide credit/debit card details so that your application can be processed. Once you receive valid proof of exemption, please send it to us and we will cancel any payment plan and refund any monies taken as necessary.

7. If my application is successful, what sort of transport will be arranged for me?

Most students will be allocated a place on a school contract bus. On occasions where there is not a suitable school contract bus, we may issue passes for use on public bus services or (in exceptional circumstances) on trains or taxis. You should note that it is likely that if a pass is issued for a public bus service it will be for use on one company only. As a general rule we would expect students to walk up to a mile at either end of their journey.
In circumstances where none of the above options are available, we may pay a small mileage allowance for travel by private car. This allowance will be paid in arrears at the end of each term. For further advice on the availability of mileage allowances you can contact our Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 0002.
In some cases, where appropriate, we may utilise any spare capacity on our Special Educational Needs transport to accommodate mainstream students. In all cases, we will decide which transport option is the most appropriate to make the best use of the resources available to us. If you indicate a preferred route we will try to meet your request but cannot guarantee your preference if there is a lower cost alternative.
Please note that whilst we will endeavour to allocate transport from the nearest pick up point to home, this may not always be possible and we can expect a student to walk up to a mile to their pick up point (accompanied as necessary). The earlier we receive your application the better chance you will have of securing a place on your preferred contract bus, but this cannot be guaranteed.
All applicants should check all the alternative costs, including those of public bus operators’ passes for use on local services, to ensure that they are purchasing the best value transport before completing and submitting a transport application form. If you would like more information about public bus or train services in your area, please visit:
You may also refer to individual bus operators' websites where you will find information about the availability of multi-journey or season passes for use on their services.
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8. What if I am not entitled?

Once we have your application form, we will determine whether or not you are entitled to assisted transport. If you are not entitled we will send you an email explaining why and we will not charge any money to your credit/debit card. Please note, if your child is moving into their second year of post 16 transport and has changed courses since the original transport application, we will have to re-assess eligibility under the 2015/2016 Mainstream transport policy criteria and it may be that your child is subsequently assessed as not entitled to school/college transport.

9. When can I use my pass?

When you receive your pass you will need to seal a recent passport - sized photograph of yourself (student) into it to validate it for use.
School Contract bus passes are valid only on the named contract route and at the times stated on the timetable that will be sent with your pass.
Public service bus passes are valid for one return journey per day (during term time) between the points specified on the pass and on journeys operated by the bus company specified on the pass.
Leicestershire County Council school bus passes cannot be used outside of term time or at weekends.
Please note, we do not provide transport for induction days, for work placements or for after school activities. We also cannot cater for individual variations in timetables.
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10. What if I lose my pass?

If you lose your pass you can apply for a replacement pass online by clicking here.
Alternatively you can contact your school / college, or call our Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 0002 for further advice. There is a £10 charge for a replacement pass.

11. What happens if the transport is no longer needed?

If you no longer require transport, you should notify us immediately as we may be able to offer a refund. If you have been issued with a bus pass, you must return it to us (by recorded delivery) with a covering letter as any refund will only be calculated from the date that we receive the pass. Refunds will not be considered for passes returned after the end of February 2016
If you cancel your travel assistance with us you remain responsible for the full value of the travel pass until it is returned to the Authority. Travel passes are to be returned by recorded delivery.
If you cancel any payment plan, but fail to notify us (in writing) that transport is not required we will continue to seek payment.

12. What happens if my circumstances change?

If you have changed address / school you must let us know as soon as possible as this will affect your eligibility to assisted transport.
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13. Who do I contact if I need more advice?

For general advice, contact our Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 0002
(Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm). Email:
Or write to:
Customer Service Centre (E&T),
Leicestershire County Council,
County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8ST
For further information on entitlement to transport assistance Leicestershire County residents can visit our School/ College Transport Entitlement web page; contact our Customer Service Centre as above, or email
If you live in the City of Leicester, please contact: Children and Young People's Services at Leicester City Council on 0116 454 1009.
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Page Last Updated: 13 March 2015