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Disabled Persons' Parking (Blue Badge Scheme)

Where Can I Use the Badge?

The badge is issued to you as an individual, not a vehicle. You can display the badge on any vehicle (including taxis and hired cars) in which you are travelling as either a driver or a passenger.
Information about Disabled Persons' Parking Bays can be found at GOV.UK at the link below:

Parking Areas

The scheme only applies to on-street car parking. For off-street car parking (e.g. supermarkets), badge holders must check the conditions of use of the car park and any concessions being offered as there may be a charge.
Generally, under the Disabled Person's Badge scheme, Disabled Person's Badge holders can park;
  • on single or double yellow lines outside controlled hours without time limit, or during controlled hours for up to 3 hours with Badge and clock displayed.
  • on a disabled bay indefinitely (unless a time limit is shown)
  • on-street at meters, pay and display, shared use bays etc. without charge

Where the Scheme Does Not Apply

Disabled Person's Badge holders cannot park;
  • where a loading ban is in force
  • at special bays e.g. doctor, police, diplomatic, sometimes resident
  • on footways unless there is an exemption indicated by signs and white lines
  • on clearways
  • on bus stops
  • on taxi ranks
  • on pedestrian crossing or its extended markings
The Scheme also does not apply;
  • on private roads
  • in off-street car parks
  • in certain town centres, where access is prohibited or limited to vehicles with special permits issued locally
  • on the road systems at some airports
If you are unsure, check in advance.

Other Concessions

Blue badge holders can take advantage of the applicable disabled motorists parking privileges wherever they are in the European Union.
Badge holders are exempted from tolls at certain road bridges and tunnels. Further information from the Department of Transport is available about road tolls around the UK.

Page Last Updated: 21 June 2011