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Longer Walking routes around Leicestershire

The Leicestershire countryside has a wonderful network of footpaths, bridleways and byways for you to explore and enjoy. There are over 3000km of rights of way, offering great walking, cycling and horse riding opportunities.

Leicestershire Round Symbol

Leicestershire Round
Guide book available for £5.00 + 50p P&P
This 100 mile circular walk around the county encompasses many delights the Leicestershire countryside has to offer. The guide book has been arranged in sections, focusing on villages as stopping points. This means the route can easily be completed as a series of shorter walks, and of course is very handy when needing pubs and resting places.

National Forest Way

The National Forest Way is a new 75 mile long-distance walking trail, which explores the highlights of The National Forest, between Beacon Hill Country Park in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, and the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Ivanhoe Way Symbol

Ivanhoe Way
Available online or request free leaflet
The Ivanhoe Way is a 35 mile walk around the north west of the county. The route is split up into 7 short sections, therefore making it easy to walk as a series of short strolls.  As 4.5 miles of the route links with Section 10 of the Leicestershire Round, you can say you have walked both!

Jubilee Way Symbol

Jubilee WayPDF document
Only available online
The Jubilee Way opened in 1977 to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee. This walk, totalling 20 miles, starts at Burrough Hill in the south (linking with the Leicestershire Round) and travels north to beyond Belvoir (where it meets the Viking Way). In addition to the bold yellow topped waymarker posts, the way is marked with the special Jubilee Way symbol.
Mowbray Way Symbol
Mowbray WayPDF document
Only available online.
This 8¾ miles linear walk starts at Scalford and heads east across open countryside, via small villages to eventually meet Buckminster. The route links the long distance paths of the Jubilee Way (from Burrough on the Hill to Woolsthorpe by Belvoir) and the Viking Way (from the Humber to Oakham, Rutland through Lincolnshire).

Midshires Way Symbol

Midshires Way
Free leaflet covering Leicestershire section available online or printed copy available on request.
Pack containing the whole route through 5 counties available for £4.00 (inc delivery)
Since its opening in 1994, The Midshires Way has become a popular long distance walking and riding route stretching some 225 miles across Middle England. From South to North, it crosses 5 counties: Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Nottingham, Derbyshire, and the Peak District National Park, before reaching the Pennines near Stockport.
Charnwood Round (not available online)
A challenge walk around the ancient Charnwood Forest which lies on high ground to the north-west of Leicester. The full route is 33 miles, but several options allow a shorter distance circuit. The route is through peaceful countryside, once quarried by Romans, settled by monks, criss-crossed with paths and full of interesting relics of the past.
The guide was published by Cordee in 1994.
Buy online from Cordee (subject to availability)
Jurassic Way
The Jurassic Way briefly enters Leicestershire at Bringhurst in the far south east of the county and connects Banbury in Oxfordshire with Stamford in Lincolnshire. For most of its 88 mile (142 km) route it follows the Northamptonshire Uplands, the Jurassic limestone ridge that forms the northern spine of that county.
Macmillan Way
The fully waymarked main Macmillan Way is 290 miles in length runs from Boston on the Lincolnshire coast to the Dorset coast at Abbotsbury. It is called the Macmillan Way because all funds raised are donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.
A short section of the Macmillan Way runs through the south east of Leicestershire via Hallaton a part of which briefly overlaps with the Leicestershire Round.
Viking Way
Viking Way
The Viking Way is a long distance footpath from the River Humber, through Lincolnshire and past Rutland Water to Oakham, a total of 235km (147 miles). Southwards from near Belvoir Castle, the route is along the border between Lincolnshire and Leicestershire, following the Sewstern Drift, an ancient trackway which forms much of the boundary between the two counties. The Viking Way was first established in 1976 and the route is way-marked throughout its length with the Viking helmet symbol.
The guidebook for the Viking Way is no longer in print but all the sections of this are now available on the website of
Lincolnshire County Council. The Viking Way also forms part of the European walking route E2 - a 3030 mile long-distance path running from Galway in Ireland to France's Mediterranean coast.

Page Last Updated: 16 June 2014