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General Public's Responsibilities

  • If you drive out before starting your walk, do not park your car where it will obstruct access to fields or private driveways
  • If you are in a party, do not trespass by spreading out beyond the confines of the route.
  • Know the different path designations and abide by the them.
    • Footpaths - pedestrians only (marked with yellow arrows)
    • Bridleways - pedestrians, horseriders and cyclists (marked with blue arrows)
    • By-ways - open to all traffic but do not expect a smooth sealed surface (marked with red arrows)
    • Roads used as Public Paths - the traffic entitled to use these depends on the legal history of the path and will probably be at least the same as the traffic entitled to use a bridleway
  • You can use a Right of Way to make a bona fide journey taking a reasonable rest along the way.
  • On Rights of Way you can:Walker
    • Take a pram, pushchair, wheelchair, but expect to encounter stiles on footpaths
    • Take a dog which must be under close control especially near livestock. You may find, however, that stiles have not been specially designed to allow dogs to pass through them
    • Take a short alternative route around an illegal obstacle
    • Remove an illegal obstruction if you are unable to get past
For more guidance on the responsibilities on the general public in the countryside, have a look at the Countryside Code. Alternatively, go to the Natural England website.

Page Last Updated: 23 August 2007