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Further Information

Contact: Specialist Teaching Service
Telephone: 0116 3059400

Autism Outreach Service (AOS)

The Autism Outreach Service (AOS) provides advice, support and training to children, families and educational establishments across Leicestershire in regards to Autism Spectrum Disorders for children with a diagnosis aged 0-19yrs.
Leicestershire Autism Outreach Service is the East Midlands Hub for Autism Education Trust for Early Years & Schools training and this forms a component of our Local Offer. Please see Autism Education Trust website for more information.

Local OfferAutism Education Trust
Working Practice File (PDF, 476Kb)
Service Structure (PDF, 10Kb)
SEND Reform Information (PDF, 4Mb)
Changes to Access to Autism Outreach Service (PDF, 223Kb)
My child has just had a diagnosis
Progression Framework - AET Progression Flyer - Leicester (PDF, 265Kb)
Progression Framework - AET Progression Flyer - Nottigham (PDF, 219Kb)
AOS Early Years
The Autism Outreach Early Years Team work with youngsters up to the age of 6 who have received a diagnosis of ASD. Weofferadvice and support tofamilies at home andalso within the child's early years setting. We support the transition into school. In addition, we offer training to families and staff working with the child.
For further information see The Working Practice Document page 5.
AOS Schools Team
The Autism Outreach Schools team focus on the impact the child's autismhas on their ability to accesslearning and social opportunities.To assist schools we offer adviceon strategiesto developthe child's learning and social opportunities. In addition, we offer training to families and staff working with the young person.
For further information see The Working Practice Document page 8.
AOS Intensive Support
Autism Outreach Service (Intensive Support) work with Leicestershire school-aged students with ASD who have either lost their school place, are refusing to attend school or are on the brink of losing an educational placement. Referrals for this service are made through the Autism Outreach Service Schools Team.
For more information about this service then please refer to the ‘Autism Outreach Service (Intensive Support)’ section of the ‘AOS Working Practice Document
Resources Within this section we aim to continue to add a number of resources, links, ideas for parents/carers/educationalists/individuals with autism/siblings and anyone interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Keep checking back for updates to these pages.
Training Leicestershire Autism Outreach Service have been committed to delivering high quality training on a whole variety of autism spectrum related issues since it was first formed in 1993.

Page Last Updated: 19 May 2016