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If you do not live in Leicestershire you need to apply to the Local Authority where you live.
Closing date for First time admission applications is the 15th January 2016 for the September 2016 intake.
Results will be made available on 18th April 2016.
Applying for a school place at other times.
Applications for Secondary School transfer can be made from the 1st September 2015.  The closing date for applications for the September 2016 intake is 31st October 2015.
Results for the 2016/17 transfers will be made available on 1st March 2016. To get your results, sign onto Online Admissions using your username and password with which you made the application, then click on the results link.
Closing date for Infant to Junior Application is the 15th January 2016 for the September 2016 intake.
Results for the 2015/16 transfers will be made available on 18th April 2016. To get your results sign onto Online Admissions using your user name and password with which you made the application, then click on the results link.
From the 1st September 2015 we will be making some changes to our website settings to ensure that you can continue to browse our website securely.
These changes are to keep pace with changes in technology, internet browsers and to ensure data security.
These changes will only affect you if you are using one of the older versions of the internet browsers below to access one of our webpages where HTTPS appears in the address bar.
•Android pre version V5,
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•Opera pre version 17,
•Safari mobile pre version 5,
•Safari pre version 7
Should you wish to continue to access these pages please check your internet browser and update it if necessary.

Following 2 public consultations, Leicestershire County Council adopted a new home to school transport policy with effect from September 2015 that affects mainstream home to school transport arrangements. Please note that the new policy means that the traditional pattern of free transport around Leicestershire has in many cases significantly changed. Therefore, do not assume that because free transport has previously been provided from your area to your child’s school that this will still be the case. Please make yourself aware of the changes to transport provision.
Further information is available at:

There is free childcare for eligible 2 year olds. Please visit for more information.

If you prefer not to apply online you can print a downloadable application form below
First Time Admissions (PDF, 66.8Kb)
Common Admission Applications (PDF, 64.3Kb)
Secondary (PDF, 41.1Kb)
Infant to junior transfer (PDF, 41.1Kb)

Notes of Guidance Admissions Priority Criteria (PDF, 14Kb)
Currently our online application form is compatible with most common web browsers; however, occasionally when a new browser is launched there may be a compatibility issue for a short period of time. If you experience “timing out” or other issues you may find using a different browser solves the issue.
If you continue to experience difficulties please contact school admissions on 0116 3056684 or complete the online form at Online Admissions
If you are thinking of making a request for a school that is not your catchment area school, it is recommended that you visit both the catchment area school and any other schools you are considering in order to make an informed judgement.  Every effort is made to agree as many parents’ requests as possible, but sometimes schools do not have enough room for all the requests.  If parents want to request a place in the catchment area school for their child they must include the school as one of their preferences on this form.
Although we are asking you to rank your preferences, this does not necessarily mean that we can make you an offer of a place according to those preferences.  Please note that for some schools there may not be enough space for all out of catchment children requesting places and some parents’ requests may have to be refused.  Even if children from your area have been allowed places in the past, please do not assume that this will be possible in future.  

Page Last Updated: 1 September 2015