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English and Maths (pdf, 120KB)

English and Maths - Skills for Life

Adult Learners
Gain a qualification in English and/or maths whilst developing the skills and confidence needed at work, in everyday life and to help your children.
Courses are from beginner level to level 2.
Before you start you will have the opportunity to discuss the skills you would like to develop; and which will be the right course for you.

We offer the following FREE courses:

English and Maths – Functional Skills from entry level to level 2
This qualification is recognised by employers and, at level 2, is an equivalent skill level to GCSE on the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework.
  • Small friendly groups
  • Develop confidence in the English and/or maths skills needed for everyday life and work.
  • Work with your tutor to develop an Individual Learning Plan based on your interests and needs.
  • Join at a variety of times
  • Gain a qualification when ready
GCSE English and Maths (30 week courses starting in Sept only)
  • Fast paced, intensive courses for learners who are confident in everyday maths and English skills
  • Acceptance on the course will be subject to a short entrance test
  • Home study is essential for success
  • Courses start early Sept and fill up very quickly. Early application is advisable.

Some learners' experiences:

Doug McCubbin worked in the printing industry for many years un
til a back injury resulted in him finishing work. His Job Centre helped him to consider other areas of work that were less strenuous, and after enjoying the challenge of an 8 week work experience on their reception desk, he started thinking about a career in administration.
With few qualifications, he signed up to English and Maths courses with Adult Learning which he passed with flying colours. The supportive tutors and small friendly classes helped him to progress swiftly onto higher levels, and enrolling onto computing and skills for jobs courses helped Doug gain confidence and skills. He started to support the other learners on the employability courses, reassuring them and thoroughly enjoying sharing his new-found knowledge.
He met with one of the Adult Learning Service Learning and Work Advisers, who helped him to consider a whole range of other jobs, and he realised that his learning journey had completely turned his life around and enabled him to look forward into areas of work that he had never considered before. Doug found helping others so rewarding that he hopes to volunteer with a view to working in this field of work in the future.

Vicky, a Skills for Life learner, was burgled last year and had her new flat screen TV stolen and living-room vandalised. It caused her a great deal of emotional and financial difficulties; even her pets suffered from the intrusion.
Some months later, the thief was arrested and sent to prison. Vicky wanted to confront him so that she could make him aware of the consequences of his burglary. She wrote a letter in class and posted it to the burglar. Over the summer holidays, the burglar replied to Vicky and she went to see him in prison; he was very remorseful. They are still in communication with each other and the burglar has thanked Vicky for making him aware of the impact of his actions.

Rebecca attends an English course at Coalville.  She wanted to learn how to write a CV, which she did, and then used it to apply for jobs.  Within two weeks of handing her CV to various employers, she got a part-time job as a barmaid.  When she returned last week, she told me that she has now been promoted to Deputy-Manager and she is very keen to achieve her L1 Functional Skills English to help with her new job.

Sarah left school when she was 14 to have a baby. She thought that her learning life was over and developed mild depression and anxiety.  After returning to learn, Sarah now has Level 1 and Level 2 Maths and has nearly completely her GCSE in Maths. She has also gained some ICT qualifications on the way and is looking forward to the Access course at her local FE College. Soon this will lead Sarah to a University place.

Another one of our learners is John – a care worker who has an ambition to be a nurse. John enrolled for English GCSE and a maths course leading to the National Certificate in Adult Numeracy at Level 2. It has not been easy juggling his studies along with a young family but now John has just been offered a place on the nursing course at the university. John told us – “I wish I had done this, years ago. I can’t wait to be a fully qualified nurse.”    
Learners have said;
  • “Was this a course? I had so much fun I didn’t realise I was learning.”
  • “I now have the learning bug”
  • “I am thrilled to have achieved the Level 2 in English and Maths”
  • “I wished I had done this years ago.”
  • “I can now help my son with his homework”
  • It appears that everybody on the course passed the GCSE with a C or above, so thanks and well done to you Charles. It was tough going and there were times where I thought it would never happen, but it did and that is thanks to your persistence with me and the will to get us all through!!
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Page Last Updated: 1 December 2015