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Civil Partnership FAQ's

Can we have a civil partnership ceremony?

You will be able to arrange a civil partnership ceremony in addition to the registration procedure if you wish but the Civil Partnership Act does not require a ceremony as part of the registration procedure.
Civil partnership registration is an entirely secular process. The Civil Partnership Act stipulates that no religious content can be included in the formation of, or, in the ceremony accompanying, a civil partnership. We will be more than happy to arrange a civil partnership ceremony for you. Please contact the appropriate Register Office for more information and to book a ceremony.
A partnership ceremony is a formal ceremony that celebrates a couple's commitment to each other and is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate that relationship with family and friends. You do not have to live in Leicestershire to be able to have your ceremony in this county. However a partnership Ceremony will only be conducted as part of a civil partnership registration.

Where and when can ceremonies be held?

Leicestershire offers partnership ceremonies in all the Registration Offices and approved premises within the county.

How long does a ceremony last?

In Leicestershire we suggest you allow 30 minutes for your ceremony.

How much will the ceremony cost?

The fee will vary depending on the day, time and venue that you choose. You will need to contact the specific venue of your choice about availability and their room hire charges.
Once you have decided to proceed with your ceremony telephone 0116 305 6565 to check availability. You will have the opportunity to discuss the content of the ceremony to ensure that it will be unique and special to you both, if choosing an approved premise.

I want to have my ceremony abroad. What happens now?

Having your Civil Partnership abroad can be very exciting and romantic. To find out exactly what you need to have your Civil Partnership overseas, you will need to contact the authorities of the relevant country. We suggest you have a look at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for advice.

I will be changing my name after my ceremony, how do I change my passport?

To find out what you need to do to get your passpost changed see the Identity & Passport Service website.

Where can I get further advice on my civil partnership ceremony?

If you need help understanding any of this information or if you are uncertain about any aspect of your civil partnership ceremony, your local superintendent registrar will gladly give you further advice. You can contact us by calling 0116 305 6565.
Alternatively, further information may be obtained from the General Register Office website.

Page Last Updated: 4 March 2015