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Re-registering a Birth

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Re-registering means making a new record in the birth register. Re-registration can take place at any time, regardless of the age of the child. There is no charge for re-registration, but should you wish to obtain a new birth certificate, normal fees will apply. There are two situations that may result in you asking for your baby’s birth to be re-registered:
  • If the baby's parents were not married to each other at the time of the baby’s birth, have not married each other since, and no-one was named as the father on the original birth certificate, the natural father’s details can be added to the birth record if so wished. In such circumstances, a re-registration will be required so that a new birth record can be created to replace the original one. For advice on how to do this, you will need to contact your local Register Office.
  • If the baby's natural parents have married each other since the birth (even if the natural father’s details were originally entered in the birth register), a re-registration is legally required in order to show the child as a child of the parents’ marriage. It is in the child’s interests that the entry of birth is updated to reflect this new status. For advice on how to do this, you will need to contact your local Register Office.
The re-registering of a birth is a very specific process and can only be used to change a birth entry when it relates to the two scenarios shown above – it cannot be used to make a correction to a birth entry.

Corrections to birth records

In certain circumstances it may be possible to change the details or add to the information recorded at the time of the original registration. Depending on exactly what the changes are, you will need to arrange either a correction, a change of baby’s forename or a re-registration. Contact the Register Office where the birth was originally registered for advice on how to proceed. More information about correcting birth records can be found on the General Register Office Website

Gender Recognition

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 came into force on 4 April 2005. This Act applies throughout the UK and enables transsexual people to apply to a Gender Recognition Panel for a Gender Recognition Certificate, in their acquired gender. Information on how to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate can be found on the General Register Office Website

Page Last Updated: 26 March 2009