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Further Information

Customer Service Centre
Highways and Street Lighting
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall
Phone: 0116 305 0001
Fax: 0116 305 0006
Minicom: 0116 305 0007
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Maps of Paths

This page outlines how to find information about the routes of public footpaths, bridleways and byways, and about the Definitive Map and Statement - the official register of public rights of way which are legally recorded by the County Council.
Definitive Map Extract
More general maps of Leicestershire are included on other pages of the County Council website.
Information is available here about:
Note that only the Definitive Map itself provides conclusive and current evidence of the existence, exact location and status of a public rights of way, however changes are continually being made as a result of legal processes.

Online map of paths and walking routes

An online map of paths and walking routes in Leicestershire is now available based on Google mapping. Note this is NOT the Definitive Map and is for guidance only.

Viewing copies of the Definitive Map

At County Hall, Glenfield the master Definitive Map can be viewed by prior appointment. To arrange a viewing email or phone 0116 305 0001.
A copy of the Definitive Map can be viewed in libraries at: Blaby, Coalville, Hinckley, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Oadby (Click for locations). Note: This paper edition is dated October 2011. Some changes to routes have occurred since this date.

Legal and business use of the Definitive Map

For statutory or formal purposes (such as planning applications) only the master Definitive Map should be used to accurately confirm the location and status of public rights of way.
The purchase of a Definitive Map extract automatically includes a search for rights of way matters relating to the property including any outstanding cases. A search costs £40 and can be requested by emailing

Rights of way on Ordnance Survey maps

Ordnance Survey (OS) 'Explorer' maps show public rights of way and other routes with public access in considerable detail.
  • To view these online use the basic OS Get-a-map service. Streetmap and Bing Maps include OS Explorer mapping but may not show recent changes.
  • The OS online shop lists the most recent revision date for these maps. Maps cost around £7.99 each and can also be purchased in high street shops.
  • Note: Leicestershire County Council supplies the OS with details of all rights of way route changes but can take no responsibility for how current, or indeed how accurate, is the information shown on OS maps.

Reporting problems on rights of way

To report any issues on public rights of way please either:
Web: use the online form
Phone: 0116 305 0001
Fax: 0116 305 0006
Minicom: 0116 305 0007
Or write to: Travel Choice & Access Team, Leicestershire County Council, Environment & Transport Department, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8RJ

How changes occur to the Definitive Map

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for keeping the Definitive Map up-to-date and legal processes may result in paths being diverted, deleted, added, downgraded or upgraded (e.g. turning a public footpath into a public bridleway). Contact the Travel Choice and Access Team for more information about how to:
  • Divert or remove a public right of way
  • Add or change a public right of way by agreement or by order
  • Add, remove or change a public right of way based on evidence

Page Last Updated: 22 October 2013