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Further Information

Children's Social Care Enquiries
Telephone: 0116 305 0005

Early Help

(including previous services offered via Common Assessment Framework – CAF)

Request for Service e-form
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The term Early Help is used to describe the process of taking action early and as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their families or with a population most at risk of developing problems. Effective help may occur at any point in a child or young person's life.
This definition includes both help early in life (with young children including pre-natal interventions) and help early in the development of a problem (with children or young people of any age). It includes universal help that is offered to an entire population to prevent problems developing, and targeted help that is offered to particular children, young people and families with existing risk factors, vulnerabilities or acknowledged additional needs in order to protect them from developing problems or to reduce the severity of problems that have started to emerge.
The CAF Team are now part of Early Help services in Leicestershire. Please use the Request for Services e-form link on this page instead of the CAF form. This means that the form can be completed on the County Council website and it is passed securely to the First Response team. For support and advice on existing CAFs or Early Help approaches please contact First Response – Children’s Duty on 0116 3050005 and ask for the P3 Desk. Early Help takes place within Priority 3 of the Children’s social care priority levels.
First Response will help to ensure that there is 'no wrong front door' - that any request for help where needs are adequately identified will be responded to appropriately.  
The Pathway to Services document ( sets out the thresholds and criteria for services in Leicestershire.
At the moment the Children and Young People’s Service early help offer broadly comes under three age group focused programmes:

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Page Last Updated: 1 December 2016